Constructing and deconstructing meaning with text and minimal graphics on the widest screen in New York City (and maybe the world)


Concept, Design, Animation + Software Development by
Genevieve Hoffman, Anna Pinkas, Doug Thistlethwaite

Sound Design by
Ryan Bilia

concept development, software prototyping, animation

Conditions centers around 5 words (IF, THEN, ELSE, OR, AND) that resonate both with the vocabulary of computer programming and that of human decision-making. The piece constantly shifts between these different realms and meanings, revealing the complexity embedded in superficially simple letters and graphics. This 3 minute video project was created for (and screened in) the world’s largest high-resolution video wall (120‘ long x 11’ high), housed in the Frank Gehry-designed IAC building in Chelsea, New York.
Video documentation of the piece screened at ITP’s Big Screens show at the IAC building 

A Year in Photos (and other projects for a very big screen)

A Year in Photos was created for the IAC lobby's 120 foot wide video wall during a year-long fellowship in 2013. Using photos from the Daily Beast's archives, I created a generative system where the images break apart and reassemble.
Making particles from images. Done in software with C++ and OpenFrameworks
Video documentation of the project showing the generative system

I also prototyped a system that turned the input from security cameras in the lobby into a live kaleidoscopic pattern.

Images of the security camera live feed transformed in a kaleidoscopic pattern
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