Video Installation, 2011

Conditions is a narrative work that takes the viewer through the downfall of the over complicated construct in which we live our daily lives. It then brings us back to the initial decisions that are the basis of how we construct both communication and programmatic functionality. These conditional statements on a screen so large you cannot see the whole thing, forces the viewer to look inside themselves and consider why they make the choices they make when they cannot see the full effect of their actions.

Breaking out from an organized structure it reforms into a system that reflects the natural order that cannot be denied. But even nature can spin out of control and it is this constant battle of order and entropy in all realms of existence that hinges the arc of the piece.

Conditions combines generative visual programming with narrative animation techniques. It was designed specially for the IAC video wall in Chelsea, New York, with a massive resolution of 11540x1080.

Conditions was made with Anna Pinkas and Doug Thistlethwaite.

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