My work aims to illustrate the various dimensions that structure the encounters between humans and their environments, whether temporal, physical, cultural or virtual. Using time-based media, lighting, and sculptural materials, I take familiar elements out of context, be it typography, analog cassette tape, or even a hotness ranking website, so that people can relate to them in new or unexpected ways.

Technology is an underpinning in all of my work, as both a medium and subject of inquiry. I am especially concerned with the technological obsolescence built into the disposable culture of our digital era, as well as the relationship between technology and the natural resources that make it possible. I’m also fascinated by the ability of technologies to capture and make visible what is unnoticed or ignored by human perception. Recently, I have been exploring non-monetary currencies, and the forces and interrelated systems of the global economy, as well as the infrastructure that makes it run.

I am currently a Researcher in Residence at New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program, where I recently graduated with a Masters in Research Arts.